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Entering the Story of Bomb Threats and Drive Bys

by Jon Huckins Posted in High SchoolYouth Worker Development

Last week I found myself lying on the grass in the middle of a public park while my little dog Harry sniffed and "marked" every bush around us. With the warm sun beating down on me, I couldn't help but close my eyes and enjoy this peaceful setting that was enhanced by the slight breeze brushing over me. In what seemed like a perfect place, I reflected on the journey I’ve been on over the last few years.

What Juno Didn’t Tell You

by Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonal Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentHigh School

I’ve owned a lot of weird stuff over the years. A life-size sumo wrestler made out of foam rubber. A Malibu Barbie that my kid sister beheaded. A lizard, a lava lamp, a collection of snow globes, even an electronic whoopee cushion. But there is one thing that has never been in my possession.  I never owned a diaper bag. My Barbie didn’t even own a diaper bag.

Got Game?

by Paul Martin Posted in High School

  "It's the comma stupid!" I recently read an article that discussed this phrase for marketing. I had never heard it other than from my 5th grade teacher in regards to my writing. Apparently, it is a phrase that gets thrown around a bit in marketing. They describe the hidden meaning…Read More

Losing Control And Loving It

by Jeff Greathouse Posted in High SchoolProgramming

Losing control is one of the greatest fear for individuals. However, I believe that for us (Ministers to students ) to be effective we must lose control. My challenge to you is the following: Lose control so you can grow in ministry. 

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Beyond Career Counseling to Vocational Discernment

by Will Penne Posted in High School

Why and how we can use systematic intellectual and spiritual processes and principles to help young people sift through possible college majors and career paths in light of their gifts, passions, temperaments, and Christian faith—helping students examine what they should do in light of who they are.

Leading Others Into… Worship? Critiques of Many Student-led Worship Teams

by Janice Thompso Posted in High School

Thompson outlines many dangers associated with leadership that seem to elevate students above their peers. Nowhere is this more evident than in the role of student worship leader.

Empowering and Equipping Student Leaders

by Dennis McLuen,Chuck Wyson Posted in High School

Regardless of the model we use for student leadership, certain principles can help us train students for their leadership roles.

How to Prepare a Teenager for College (and Other Myths)

by Steven Case Posted in High School

When our students graduate we stand them up in front of the church and hand them one of those smarmy little devotional books like Christ on Campus or Jesus in My Dorm Room. In most cases those books never make it to the dorm room. (Some don’t make it out of the church.)

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