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Free Graphics from NYWC 2011

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Download free graphics from NYWC 2011! Get graphics, videos, get everything!  

Free Bible Study: Adventurously Expectant

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We are so excited that our friends at InWord Resources have put together this Bible study based on the 2011 National Youth Workers Convention theme. We hope that it helps connect you with what God is doing this year in lives at the convention.  It includes 2 personal lessons for you, plus 2 lessons you can use as lessons in your youth group.

WALL-E Movie Study

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Seven hundred years in the future the earth has been abandoned by all humans and left in the care of a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class (WALL-E). After all this time of doing exactly what he was MADE to do, WALL-E discovers what he was MEANT to do.

Speed Racer Movie Guide

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A complete discussion guide for the movie Speed Racer.

Reaffirmation of Baptism

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Christy, who was graduating from high school, came to see me. She had been a faithful Christian as a sophomore and junior, but had fallen away from her faith as a senior. Before she left for college, she wanted to be baptized again. She said she didn't feel like her earlier baptism was valid because of how she had lived her life as a senior, so we talked about the nature of baptism in our tradition and about the pragmatics of baptizing people every time they fall away from Christ.

Food Planning Chart

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We received an email one day from Craig Smith. He said he enjoyed the YS Web site so much that he wanted to give something back. He attached a file he created for his own youth ministry to help him plan food for camps, retreats, any kind of trip with his group. 

It’s Not Supposed to be Like This

by Jim Hancock,Rich Van Pelt Posted in AdviceFree Resources

It's not supposed to be like this. Just so we're crystal clear about that. No one is supposed to walk into a dormitory and classroom building and kill 32 daughters and sons. No one has that right.

Crisis: Concert of Prayer

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spirit of silence and peace… "Make yourself comfortable…anywhere in the room…alone or together"

The Easter Vigil

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There is a long-standing tradition in the church that Christians should "make Vigil" the night before Easter. Having gone through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the church has become a dark and depressing place. On Ash Wednesday, the Pascal Candle that symbolizes Christ's sacrifice is extinguished, and it remains, unlit, on the platform at the front of the sanctuary throughout Lent.

Stick It Movie Guide

by Steven Case Posted in Free ResourcesMovie Study Guides

  29 Questions About Stick It

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