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Sex And The Single Pastor

by Brian McClince Posted in Advice

By Brian McClincey I could feel her lips touching mine as we began to kiss--she was quickly becoming extremely desirable.  A voice in the back of my head was screaming, “You need to stop. Is this the type of relationship you want to have for yourself, one based on lust and desire…Read More

10 Ways To Start Strong

by Gerrard Fress Posted in AdviceYouth Worker Development

You sent in your resume, did the telephone interview, met face-to-face with the search committee, and passed the congregational vote.  Now, all you have to do is actually start your job as the new ministry leader.  Between unpacking boxes in your new house, trying to remember the names of the church members you've met, and starting a new life, here are a few other things to remember when you start a new ministry

Ten Ways To Resolve Conflict In Your Ministry

by Gerrard Fress Posted in ArticlesAdvice

By Gerrard Fess So, you're thinking of quitting youth ministry? You aren't alone. I've been there too. Most people enter into ministry with the assumption that everyone will get along. Those idealistic assumptions last a month or less. Soon enough, all leaders will run into serious conflict. Experience has taught me that most youth workers don't know how to deal with conflict when it happens. They conflict with their Senior pastor, elder board, parents, sponsors, or students and the only resolution that makes sense to them is leaving their post.

Helpful Hints For Getting Hired In Youth Ministry

by Gerrard Fress Posted in Advice

Let's cut to the chase. You are reading this because you are looking for a job in youth ministry. I have some suggestions to help you go from looking to being happily employed.

Financial Peace For Youth Workers: Building For The Future

by Charlie Harper Posted in AdviceYouth Worker Development

You have won a long hard fight, don’t surrender now…Getting free of debt requires breaking the mindset that debt is part of life, and then working a plan that seems to take forever, especially tackling pesky things like student loans.

Financial Peace For Youth Workers: Breaking The Bonds

by Charlie Harper Posted in AdviceYouth Worker Development

It takes intensity. The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train.  Completely eliminating the debts that drain us can be done.  It can be done in two or three years, but it takes intensity. Proverbs 6:5 says to free yourself from the hand of the hunter like a gazelle. Committing…Read More

Financial Peace For Youth Workers: The Great Struggle

by Charlie Harper Posted in AdviceYouth Worker Development

Stories are comically endless about youth workers not having money and getting paid in heaven some day.  Certainly for too long the church overworked and underpaid their youth specialists, but that day is slowly changing.  As churches grow more diverse and more segmented on Sunday morning, they are looking more and more for leaders who can develop students and minister to parents, and they are beginning to recognize them with better pay

Shifting Cognitive Styles: Changes in the Way We Think

by Mark Matlock Posted in AdviceProgramming

Better than understanding postmodern philosophy, realizing differing cognitive styles can help us more effectively minister to this emerging generation of young people.


by Mike Yaconelli Posted in AdviceFeatured ArticleYouth Worker Development

Hi. My name is Mike and I am a speakaholic. For most of my 42 years in ministry, I’ve found myself speaking a lot. I speak to young people, youth workers, churches, and numerous secular organizations. It all started very innocently. I had a gift of communication, I enjoyed using…Read More

Youth Ministry Arrogance

Posted in Advice

"What matters most isn't that these youth workers...have great speaking abilities or specific counseling skills. What matters most is that they show up week after week."

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