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Forgot My Bag

by Hank Hilliard Posted in Advice

In my 15 years of youth ministry I have earned a reputation among parents and other staff for being organized and prepared. I take pride in this because these things are important to me and I put a lot of effort into them. I make extensive lists. I color code…Read More

Do You Need a Digital Sabbath?

by Andrew Burden Posted in AdviceYouth Worker Development

I am old enough to technically be called a digital immigrant, though I have been strongly Internet-connected since the mid-1990s. I cannot imagine being born into a world that has always had widely-available Internet, always had some form of instant messaging, and where the average consumer has a mobile phone, as all of the students in our ministries have been.

The Spirituality of Physical Health

by Matthew McNutt Posted in AdviceYouth Worker Development

It’s strange to me to realize that one of the most intensely spiritual times of my life was the eight months I was competing for the big prize on season three of NBC’s the Biggest Loser. Honestly, I went into the experience with no connection in my mind between the spiritual and the physical. I thought taking care of myself as a pastor meant regular time in the Word, quiet times, keeping my spiritual walk on track, but I came out of those months with an entirely different outlook. 

Adding Creativity to Your Ministry

by Mike Kupferer Posted in AdviceProgramming

 Being part of a creative youth ministry is what most new youth workers desire. Creative youth ministries (and congregations in general) are glamorized by magazines, websites, conventions and the youth ministry world. Being creative is the goal, or at least that is how it is portrayed when the pedestal of…Read More

How Do You Respond When Someone Has Offended You?

by Brian Ford Posted in Advice

How do you respond when someone has offended you? I was hurt deeply once as I was accused falsely and faced harsh insults. To this day I have not shared with anyone other then my wife what took place. Bottom line I was offended and became angry and bitter as…Read More

I Knew Better

by Len Evans Posted in Advice

Our textbook leadership retreat involved planning, training, worship, playing and eating. (We are Baptist after all.) We were wrapping up our last training session when I remembered that I hadn't mentioned appropriate boundaries between students and adult staff. At my previous church I had some college students on my volunteer staff and it was always discussed and demanded that volunteer staff can never, under any circumstances, date, like or be attracted to a student.

Making Sense Of Suicide

by Jeff Greathouse Posted in Advice

Suicide is an issue that as youth workers and church members tend to put on the back burner.  There’s this notion that if we do not talk suicide, it will simply disappear. Unfortunately, it’s not done enough and students that are struggling and carrying a burden that is too heavy…Read More

Making The Transition From One Ministry To The Next

by Brian Ford Posted in Advice

You’ve already written, signed and dated the letter. The Board of Elders have read and accepted your letter of resignation and within a few days you receive a written response outlining in detail your transition out of the youth ministry.  Now you find yourself standing before the congregation on a…Read More


by Andrew Seely Posted in AdviceYouth Worker Development

The birds and the bees.  It seems like everyone I knew was super curious, yet dreaded that moment of confrontation that led to "The Talk".   You know which “talk” I'm talking about.  Not a DTR (define the relationship) but the “Sex Talk”. Or maybe you don't.  Some of us clearly…Read More

Sex On The Rooftops

by Peggikaye Eagle Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentAdvice

A woman and a man, totally and completely in love, walking together along the beach, hand in hand, it’s obvious to anyone who is observing them that they have recently been married. Honeymooners, in love with the world at their feet. The sun reflects off their rings and her smile…Read More

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