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Mary Christmas: Reaching Out To Teen Moms

by Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonal Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentProgramming

By Ginger Sinsbaugh MacDonald Okay. We’ve heard the story a zillion times. Even those of us who are Chreasters  (those who only show up for church on Christmas and Easter) know the story about the pregnant teen named Mary. She and her fiancé Joe didn’t have reservations at the Red Roof Inn…Read More

What Juno Didn’t Tell You

by Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonal Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentHigh School

I’ve owned a lot of weird stuff over the years. A life-size sumo wrestler made out of foam rubber. A Malibu Barbie that my kid sister beheaded. A lizard, a lava lamp, a collection of snow globes, even an electronic whoopee cushion. But there is one thing that has never been in my possession.  I never owned a diaper bag. My Barbie didn’t even own a diaper bag.

Boys To Men: Finding Masculine Identity In Today’s Culture

by Charlie Eldre Posted in Adolescent Development

Little boys, we are told, are made of "snips and snails and puppy dog tails." However, no recipe exists to explain what makes a man, much less how to turn puppy dog tails into a big dog.  Each year, boys enter junior high hoping to exit as young men.  They…Read More

By The Bathroom Mirror: Teenage Girls & Identity

by Melissa Brow Posted in Adolescent Development

It’s an age old question passed from one generation of men to the next:  Why do girls always need to go to the bathroom together?  As I female, I can confidently answer that we do this just to annoy you.  Well, that’s the not real reason.  We really do it…Read More

Sex On The Rooftops

by Peggikaye Eagle Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentAdvice

A woman and a man, totally and completely in love, walking together along the beach, hand in hand, it’s obvious to anyone who is observing them that they have recently been married. Honeymooners, in love with the world at their feet. The sun reflects off their rings and her smile…Read More

The Power Of A Mentor

by Ben Krake Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentYouth Worker Development

I am the product of good mentoring. When I was in high school, LoriJo Schepers was one of my mentors. She helped me start an outreach ministry on my high school campus. She provided powerful and effective resources. She was an encourager and a good listener. LoriJo saw something in me and decided I was worth her investment of time, money, and even the occasional rebuking.


by Andrew Seely Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentProgramming

 I've been re-thinking the whole youth ministry sex talk. While I haven't given one yet, I think it's good to think about this far ahead of actually doing one. Especially in the light of what I really want to communicate if and when I get to have these kind of conversations with students.

Issues In Youth Ministry: James Tippin

by Tim Schmoyer Posted in Adolescent Development

Series Editor, Tim Schmoyer This is the twentieth installment in my on-going series as I try to discover current issues facing youth ministry. Series Headquarters Over the past several months I've collected interviews from youth workers all over the world. James Tippins is an associate pastor in Salem, VA, and gives direction over a growing student ministry. Visit his blog at Being Wise and More Stupid

Youth Ministry in an Age of Delayed Adulthood

Posted in Adolescent Development

Adolescence is lasting longer than ever before—which means adulthood is delayed longer than ever before. In the midst of this change, youth workers can't use outdated ministry models and expect to achieve the same results. We need new philosophies and methods to minister to the expanding adolescent population.

When the Pomp and Circumstance Fades: A Profile of Youth Group Kids Post-Youth-Group

by Kara Powell and Krista Kubia Posted in Adolescent Development

We all have kids who seem to graduate from God when they graduate from high school. Fuller's Center for Youth and Family Ministry has been wrestling with this issue, discovering some interesting insights based on college kids' discussions of their beliefs, behaviors, and influences-along with their suggestions on how youth workers can better prepare students before graduation.

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