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Seven Ways to Connect with Teenagers This Summer

by Jonathan McKee Posted in ArticlesTraining

Youth ministry leaders are always looking for venues where their adult leaders can connect with young people—it’s a foundational summer priority in youth ministry. But what are some of the best arenas where teenagers actually open up and talk during the summer? And what are some tools we can give our adult leaders to seek out these times?            

Four Foundational Summer Priorities

by Jonathan McKee Posted in ArticlesProgramming

After all, everything I do in ministry falls under one of two categories: Outreach or Discipleship. I’m either reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus, or I’m helping believers get to know him better. The question is…how can I use summer vacation to achieve these goals in my ministry to teenagers?

Too Pushy…Or Too Silent

by Jonathan McKee Posted in ArticlesProgrammingYouth Worker Development

In the last few weeks I’ve had countless conversations with youth workers about sharing our faith in day-to-day real conversations, especially now that my new evangelism curriculum on DVD, Real Conversations is hitting the shelves. And every time people are always surprised with this fact… Sharing my faith one-on-one terrifies…Read More

Today’s Lazy Youth Pastor

by Jonathan McKee Posted in ArticlesYouth Worker Development

“Today’s youth pastors are the laziest bunch of people I’ve ever met.” Disagree with it if you want. I didn’t say it, and it wasn’t an all-inclusive statement. I know plenty of hardworking and even over-worked youth workers. This comment was said by my friend in a moment of frustration. But…was there some truth to it?

The Missing Puzzle Piece: The Role of Adult Mentors in Student Leadership

by David R Smit Posted in Featured Article

On that Thursday night, I had a roomful of eager teenagers vying for student leadership opportunities within our youth ministry. I also had a short-but-engaging Bible study on the importance of serving others. I even had Dunkin Donuts’ donuts and Starbucks’ coffee available. But I was still missing one crucial piece of the puzzle: a 72-year-old man confined to a wheelchair.

When Did Programming Become the P-Word?

by Jonathan McKee Posted in ArticlesProgrammingTraining

Have you noticed that “programming” has become a bad word in many youth ministry circles? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I love the push-back against those of us who have become so program-focused that we lose sight of why those programs were created to begin with. Sadly, I’ve seen way…Read More

How Can I Find a New Church: Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum Free Sample

by Kara Powell and Brad Griffi Posted in Adolescent DevelopmentFeatured ArticleFree ResourcesProgrammingTraining

The Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum is a 10-session journey exploring everything from the gospel and faith identity development to how to plan for the party scene at campus.  In the sample session you can download free below, you can tackle with students the important question, How can I find a…Read More

Free: Faceplant Videos from CrowdControlGames

Posted in Free ResourcesProgramming

As seen at the 2011 National Youth Workers Convention.  Take a picture of someone with your phone and put them in the action of a movie with a set of free videos from

Free Graphics from NYWC 2011

Posted in Featured ArticleFree Resources

Download free graphics from NYWC 2011! Get graphics, videos, get everything!  

Introducing YS Thought Partners

by Mark Matlock Posted in Articles

One of the challenges leading a youth ministry community is staying on top of all that is happening in the field. We know that in order to keep up YS must partner with strategic thought leaders in youth ministry. I'm well aware that we are "better together." Inviting Doug Fields…Read More

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